Benefits from playing basketball

Benefits from playing basketball

All types of sports are all valuable in themselves. From where we learned the history of basketball and The cause of the invention of basketball so we can play exercise during the snow By playing in a physical school as in the case of rain in Thailand, it must be moved to play in the gymnasium

The field that we use to play It is not very large, just having enough to play. Which is suitable for the current condition is that the land is expensive and rare Not many players Players must rely on speed and ability to play. It is a challenge to be able to practice for the skills or expertise in playing basketball. Which basketball has many potential benefits and benefits Which can be summarized as follows

  1. Help develop and promote potential in various areas, including body, mind, intelligence, emotion and society to people
  2. Help develop and promote the movement of the body to create relationships. So that different parts of the body can work better together Whether the hands, feet, eyes are moving correctly It is also a recreation activity for relaxation as well.
  3. Helps to relieve tension for players and viewers as well.
  4. Help train decision-making and know how to solve problems quickly. As well as having good concentration Help train athletes to be considerate of athletes
  5. Know, win and forgive We can also use basketball as a medium to create relationships between individuals and the public.
  6. Used as a medium for organizing teaching and learning activities in physical education as well.

Players with the ability to make a reputation for themselves Family and nation Considered a profession for sports events such as professional basketball competitions, etc.

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